Aeon icon commander generic Aeon T3 Support Armored Command Unit[e]
UAL0301 build btn
A multi-purpose construction, repair, capture and reclamation unit. Equivalent to a Tech 3 Engineer.
Build Costs Energy icon -123000
Mass icon -8700
Time icon 36000
Storage Energy icon 5000
Mass icon 275
Production Energy icon 300
Mass icon 3
Build Rate
Build Rate 2
Time icon60/s
Time icon90/s
Max Health Health icon 30000 (+17/sec)
Speed 2.2 (Amphibious)
Veterancy Aeon veteran icon Kills icon 30 ( Health icon +5/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 26
Water Vision: 26
Omni: 16
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 200
Projectile  Damage
Reload time 1 seconds
Range (min - max) 1 - 30
Damage radius

The Aeon T3 Support Armored Command Unit is an Aeon unit. This is a command unit, as well as a direct fire unit and economic unit.

The Support Armored Command Unit is useful in many ways. While its primary purpose may only include base defense and construction, it can aid in attacks against high tier units and heavy defensive fortifications. The Support Armored Command Unit is useful in large assaults, and it can draw fire from heavy defensive positions so that lower tech units will have a chance to do substantial damage. The Support Armored Command Unit itself has powerful weaponry and armor, if upgraded, and in groups, can easily take down a large army. The Support Armored Command Unit is an essential part of a faction's military, and in just about every situation, is useful.

The Aeon sACU differs from the other 3 sACUs in that while the Reacton Refractor gives it area-of-effect damage, it has no secondary weapons or ways of directly increasing its firepower. To compensate, its Reacton Cannon starts out with 200 DPS, double that of the other sACUs. Given how costly it is to upgrade even a single sACU with any upgrade, this "out of the box" firepower makes the Aeon sACU better immediate value than those of other factions.

The freshly built Aeon sACU is second only to the Seraphim sACU in terms of economical efficiency and when upgraded, is the most economically efficient sACU of all four factions. This economical boon is of course cumulative and fielding a lot of them can empower Aeon players' economies without them having to contest other players for available mass deposits.

Of the three human factions' sACUs (UEF, Cybran and Aeon), only the Aeon sACU can teleport. The Seraphim sACU can teleport as well. The ability to quickly setup an offensive firebase anywhere on the map should not be ignored.

Upgrades Edit

Back upgrades Edit

Personal Teleporter
Adds teleporter. Requires considerable Energy to activate.
Energy icon1500000 Mass icon15000 Time icon18000

Maintaining the upgrade costs 10000 Energy per second.

Nano-Repair System
Greatly increases the speed at which the SACU repairs itself.
Energy icon90000 Mass icon1800 Time icon9000

Adds an additional 300 HP/s regeneration rate to the unit.

Personal Shield Generator
Creates a protective shield around the SACU.
Energy icon93750 Mass icon1500 Time icon7500

Gives the unit a shield of 20000HP. It regenerates 40 HP per second, and redeploys after destruction in 3:10 (105HP per second).. Maintaining the upgrade costs 300 Energy per second.

Heavy Personal Shield Generator
Upgrades the SACU's protective shield. Requires Energy to run.
Energy icon135000 Mass icon2250 Time icon9000

Gives the unit a shield of 35000HP. It regenerates 120 HP per second, and redeploys after destruction in 3:00 (194HP per second).. Maintaining the upgrade costs 600 Energy per second.

Left arm upgrades Edit

Sacrificial System
SACU is sacrificed and its Mass is added to a structure. This destroys the SACU.
Energy icon2500 Mass icon150 Time icon750
Rapid Fabricator
Speeds up all engineering-related functions.
Energy icon75000 Mass icon2100 Time icon9000

Gives the unit a new build rate of 90.

Right arm upgrades Edit

Reacton Refractor
Equips the standard SACU's Reacton cannon with area-of-effect damage.
Energy icon93750 Mass icon1000 Time icon7500

Gives the unit a NewDamageRadiusMod value of 4. Exact effect unknown.

Resource Allocation System
Increases SACU's resource generation.
Energy icon30000 Mass icon2500 Time icon6000

Gives the unit a new production rate of 900 Energy per second and 11 Mass per second.


An Aeon Support Command Unit

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