Aeon icon structure3 intel Aeon T3 Sonar Platform[e]
UAS0305 build btn
Sonar system with exceptional range. Detects and tracks naval units. Equipped with anti-torpedo launchers.
Build Costs Energy icon -12000
Mass icon -400
Time icon 750
Energy icon -100
Max Health Health icon 1500
Speed 4.5 (Water)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 32
Water Vision: 24
Sonar: 450
Defense - Anti Torpedo
Anti Torpedo  Damage
Reload time 6.7 seconds
Range 32

The Aeon T3 Sonar Platform is an Aeon unit. This is an intelligence unit, as well as an anti-torpedo unit. In true Aeon style, this has no "quirks", unlike the UEF or Cybran sonar systems, its unique feature simply being a marginally adequate torpedo defence to keep it alive longer, and a greater health than the Cybran (but not UEF) sonar system.

Factional DifferencesEdit

Unlike the UEF SP3 - Sonar, it does not have a torpedo weapon, and unlike the Cybran Flood XR, it does not act as a mobile stealth field generator. It is however cheaper than the Cybran system and is armed with a torpedo defence, meaning that it can compete with the UEF equivalent for durability against torpedoes, but more often than not, is an inferior unit. Since neither should be put into harm's way if it can be helped, this should not usually matter, and the Cybran sonar system has an entirely different role usually played with its secondary systems.


Aeon T3 Sonar

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