Aeon icon structure3 intel Aeon T3 Quantum Optics Facility: Eye of Rhianne[e]
XAB3301 build btn
Offers line-of-sight to a fixed location on the battlefield.
Build Costs Energy icon -48000
Mass icon -3000
Time icon 1800
Energy icon -5000
Max Health Health icon 250
Intel (Radius) Vision: 15

The Eye of Rhianne : Tech 3 Quantum Optics Facility, is an Aeon intelligence structure. It has the ability to grant visual intel, with a modest vision radius, of any location on the battlefield map. It must be manually controlled, using the structure's Scry ability, to choose the location to be viewed. This ability is exclusive to Aeon.

Like other tech 3 intel structures, the Eye of Rhianne consumes a relatively large amount of energy. 5000 energy is drained to maintain vision, and 10000 energy is instantly consumed to target a new scrying location. The 5000 energy drain may be reduced through energy adjacency bonuses, down to under 1000 drain, but the 10000 energy requirement to Scry cannot be reduced. You cannot Scry without having at least 10000 energy in storage, so building energy storage may be required in order to utilize it. You may wish to build more storage, in order to conveniently scry repeatedly, to gather visual intel over a large area, such as an enemy base or a group of enemy forces, which would otherwise remain unknown radar blips. You may disable its vision, if you cannot maintain its energy drain, and you may reenable it without requiring to spend another 10000 energy to scry a location.

Scrying provides vision and water vision with radius 45 centered on the selected point, as tested in-game.

This unit's primary benefit is to provide instantaneous and persistent visual intel. Its benefits become more advantageous over using scouts, depending on the amount of time it takes for a scout to travel the distance to the location you would like to view and how likely it is to reach that location. It does so secretly, without the enemy knowing you have visual intel on them. It can view submerged units, a feat that cannot be accomplished by flying an air scout over the location (unless the air scout crash lands into that location). It can not see cloaked units, at least without the unit being within the range of an omni sensor.

The Eye of Rhianne only has a mere 250 hit points. A single bomb from a tech 1 bomber or salvo from a tech 1 mobile artillery unit is enough to destroy it. As such, shield protection is imperative.

The Eye of Rhianne plays a small part in the campaign of Forged Alliance. Princess Burke allows access to it during the third mission, where you must assist and defend her, and face the challenge of jamming crystals which produce false radar signatures.

In patch 3599 and earlier patches, it is possible to end up with a mysteriously non-functional Eye of Rhianne in skirmish and multiplayer, if you surround it with too much energy, reducing its drain to nothing. It regains function if you remove the excessive energy producing units adjacent to it, allowing it to operate with at least a minimal energy drain.


The Aeon Eye of Rhianne

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