Aeon icon land3 artillery Aeon T3 Mobile Heavy Artillery: Serenity[e]
UAL0304 build btn
Slow-moving heavy artillery. Must be stationary to fire.
Build Costs Energy icon -8000
Mass icon -800
Time icon 4800
Max Health Health icon 900
Speed 2.5 (Land)
Veterancy Aeon veteran icon Kills icon 9 ( Health icon +3/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 26
Artillery - Projectile
DPS 71
Projectile  Damage
Damage radius
1425  (5s DoT)
Reload time 20 seconds
Range 90

The Aeon T3 Mobile Heavy Artillery, nicknamed the Serenity, is an Aeon unit. This is an indirect fire unit.

The Serenity is an incredible asset to the Aeon army. Equipped with Sonance Artillery, the Serenity is capable of delivering highly lethal shots at long distances with incredible accuracy. Although the Serenity has a low ROF, it is capable of moving while firing, enhancing its Survivability.

Two Serenitys working together can destroy one SAB every 20 seconds at long range. Additionally, more Serenity units can be added to provide incredible striking force, capable of breaking shielded defenses.

The Serenity is very deadly, but rarely inflicts Collateral Damage and can be rendered ineffective against moving units due to its DOT.

Factional DifferencesEdit

The Cybran, Seraphim, and UEF versions of this unit must stop and stabilize themselves before they can fire.


The Serenity

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