Aeon icon land2 shield Aeon T2 Mobile Shield Generator: Asylum[e]
UAL0307 build btn
Mobile shield generator.
Build Costs Energy icon -1080
Mass icon -144
Time icon 720
Energy icon -125
Max Health
Shield Health
Shield Rebuild
Shield Radius
Health icon 100
Shield icon5000 (+65/sec)
Time icon26 (+192/sec)
Speed 4 (Hover)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 20

The Aeon T2 Mobile Shield Generator, nicknamed the Asylum, is an Aeon unit. This is a defense unit. The Asylum is a mobile Shield unit for Aeon. It can hover. It is completely unarmed and has extremely low HP, making its shield its only defense. This unit requires a constant energy supply to function. It can be turned off to prevent its energy use.

For a persistent energy cost, it can provide significant cover for any unit or structure within range. It is rather inexpensive, costing only a small fraction of the immobile version. It is, however, extremely vulnerable to any unit that can get under its shield or at any time its shield is broken or turned off.

The Asylum can also float over water allowing it to use its shield to defend naval units. It can protect against any kind of weapon, including Torpedoes.

This shield generator is the best mobile shield generator in the game. The Seraphim Athanah has twice the power and a larger radius, but costs 4x as much. The UEF Parashield has more health but does not hover. The only significant weakness is that the player may be forced to often check on Asylum-shielded naval installations if said installations are under bomber attack, because the crash of a T1 Attack Bomber, or any heavier air unit (everything except T1 Interceptors and T1 Air Scouts) will one-shot the Asylum with 100 damage out of 100 health, whereas it takes a much heavier aircraft crashing to do the job against a Parashield.


-The sections on the corners and in the center retract when the shield is deactivated.


The Asylum

See below for a systematic comparison of shield units:

Unit name Aeon Asylum Seraphim Athanah UEF Parashield UEF Bulwark

Unit Health

100 400 150 750
Shield Health 5000 10000 4000 8000

Rebuild rate

192 222 167 250
Radius 16 20 16 120
Mass Cost 144 640 120 1040
Energy Cost 1080 4800 900 10400
Build Time 720 3200 600 4800
Energy Usage rate -125 -300 -100 -150
Speed 4 (Hover) 4 (Hover) 4 (Land) 7 (Water)
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