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Tech 2 Air Unit
Fighter/BomberDEA0202 build btn.pngDRA0202 build btn.pngXAA0202 build btn.pngXSA0202 build btn.png
Torpedo BomberUEA0204 build btn.pngURA0204 build btn.pngUAA0204 build btn.pngXSA0204 build btn.png
GunshipUEA0203 build btn.pngURA0203 build btn.pngUAA0203 build btn.pngXSA0203 build btn.png
Air TransportUEA0104 build btn.pngURA0104 build btn.pngUAA0104 build btn.pngXSA0104 build btn.png
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Transport units
Tech 1 Light Air TransportUEA0107 build btn.pngURA0107 build btn.pngUAA0107 build btn.pngXSA0107 build btn.png
Tech 2 Air TransportUEA0104 build btn.pngURA0104 build btn.pngUAA0104 build btn.pngXSA0104 build btn.png
Tech 2 GunshipUEA0203 build btn.pngNo-unit.pngNo-unit.pngNo-unit.png
Tech 3 Heavy Air TransportXEA0306 build btn.pngNo-unit.pngNo-unit.pngNo-unit.png
Aeon T2 Air Transport: Aluminar Aeon T2 Air Transport:  Aluminar
Aeon T2 Air Transport: Aluminar
Mid-level air transport. Armed with sonic pulse batteries. Can carry up to 12 units.[ e ]
Build costsEnergy icon.png -12000
Mass icon.png -300
Time icon.png 2400
Max healthHealth icon.png 1575
15 (Air)
Fuel icon.png13:20
Veterancy Aeon veteran icon.png Kills icon.png 3 ( Health icon.png +2/s)
Intel (radius) Vision: 32
Weapon: Sonic Pulse Battery x 4
Anti Air - Projectile
Damage per second 7
Projectile damage 6
Salvo size 3 Projectiles (in 0.2 s)
Reload time 2.5 seconds
Range 20
Further information: T2 Air unit and Transport

The Aeon T2 Air Transport, nicknamed the Aluminar, is an Aeon unit. This is a transport unit. It can also attack enemy air and land units while ferrying allied units around the field. The sonic pulse guns can take down most T1 and some T2 air units with slight trouble. They're perfect for dropping units into a Hot LZ. Their ability to attack ground unit is lost in FA. A group of them can create a wolf pack that will cover for each other until they land.

Although it can carry a straight 12 T1 units or 6T2 units, the Aluminar is probably the most difficult transport unit to load adequately if T3 units are involved. It cannot carry 3T3 units. One has to opt for either a 2T3+4T1 pattern (which are interleaved as 2T1-T3-2T1-T3 from front to back of the craft) or a 1T3+4T2 pattern. For the latter pattern, you have to load the T2 units first, so that the T3 unit will go in the back spot.

Aeon Aluminar

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