Aeon icon land1 artillery Aeon T1 Mobile Light Artillery: Fervor[e]
UAL0103 build btn
Mobile light artillery. Designed to engage enemy units at long range.
Build Costs Energy icon -180
Mass icon -36
Time icon 180
Max Health Health icon 150
Speed 2.7 (Land)
Veterancy Aeon veteran icon Kills icon 3 ( Health icon +1/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 18
Artillery - Projectile
DPS 100
Projectile  Damage
Damage radius
Reload time 2 seconds
Range (min - max) 5 - 30

The Aeon T1 Mobile Light Artillery, nicknamed the Fervor, is an Aeon unit. This is an indirect fire unit.

The Fervor fires an extremely potent shell with a pin-point blast radius. The Fervor also fires salvos much more quickly than other artillery units, allowing it to achieve the highest DPS among T1 artillery units. However, the Fervor has a small degree of firing randomness and will frequently miss small or moving targets, reducing its usefulness against enemy units. The Fervor, however, is extremely efficient at destroying large structures.

The Fervor is a very effective tool when used in drops. This is due to its below average cost and potency against buildings. The Fervor is arguably the best T1 artillery among the races when it comes to destroying buildings. It does not have hover capability, so it cannot accompany Aurora amphibious attacks.

Vanilla SupCom DescriptionEdit

"The Fervor makes up for it's lack of accuracy by covering a target area with dozens of shells. These shells have a very small detonation radius, but deliver an incredible punch."


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