Aeon icon land1 directfire Aeon T1 Light Tank: Aurora[e]
UAL0201 build btn
Amphibious light tank. Armed with a single cannon.
Build Costs Energy icon -260
Mass icon -52
Time icon 260
Max Health Health icon 140
Speed 3 (Hover)
Veterancy Aeon veteran icon Kills icon 3 ( Health icon +1/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 20
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 26
Projectile  Damage
Reload time 1.5 seconds
Range 26

The Aeon T1 Light Tank, nicknamed the Aurora, is an Aeon unit. This is a direct fire unit.

The Aurora is classified as a light tank due to its low HP, but is employed very similarly to a medium tank. It is equipped with a Disruptor Cannon and has a long range and high damage; in fact it outranges the T2 Heavy Tanks. Although its initial shot damage of 40 is high compared to other tech 1 direct fire units, it is relatively unimportant, unless multiple Auroras are used, because most enemy units that an Aurora is likely to face will have much higher hit points than this. The Aurora possesses the ability to hover, enabling it to travel over the surface of water.


The Aurora is an extremely capable unit capable of out-shooting other T1 units with its especially effective weapon and ability to transverse water. However, the Aurora is less effective against naval units, particularly Frigates, and is exceptionally weak to air attacks and Point Defenses when enemy radar is present (although if enemy radar is not present, the Aurora's range is greater than the Line of Sight of a Point Defence, making it ideal at taking out such installations, because of this, most players will give point defences radar support to neutralise this advantage. Also note that the Aurora's lower line of sight means that it would need radar support to do such a thing).

The Aeon are considered to be superior to other factions on water maps in part because of the Aurora. It's the only tech 1 offensive amphibious unit in the game (aside from the Seraphim T1 Mobile Light Artillery, nicknamed the 'Fobo,' or 'Floating Lobo'). It hovers, so it is immune to torpedo units. On such maps, an effective strategy is to use this superior mobility to attack an enemy's base from all directions with Auroras.

Countering Auroras on water maps can be difficult for other factions. T1 point defenses can be effective shore defenses, but they cannot be built on water. Submarines can only fire on Auroras when surfaced, making them vulnerable. Tech 1 bombers can be effective, but a skilled Aeon commander will soon counter this by escorting them with Tech 2 mobile anti-air, which also hovers. Usually the most effective counter are frigates, which are not particularly expensive to build, and which can kill an Aurora with a single shot. Remember when using this strategy that, as with all naval units, frigates can take quite a while to build.

Factional DifferencesEdit

The Aurora has some obvious differences when compared to the other factions T1 Tanks, but it also has some less obvious ones as well. For instance, it has much less health, a longer range and a higher DPS, making it in between a light artillery piece and a regular tank. This does mean that using it is often different to the other factions at tech 1 - keeping it at as long a range as possible, minimising the number of enemy units that can fire. Often, being on water can allow you to easily out-range the enemy when they are not using light artillery. This often means that Aeon players use less light artillery than other races, and conversely, other races often use more light artillery to counter the Aeon range advantage. Please note that an Aeon player should rarely forego light artillery completely, as it leaves their forces completely open to point defence fire. Also, another important differences to note is that, unlike the other factions T1 tanks, it has a longer range than its line of sight, almost necessitating the use of scouts or other radar nearby.


An Aeon Aurora light tank hovers idle.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The Aurora's main body consists of a black chassis with lights lining its edges. on either side of it are two "arms" holding armour plates. On top is its Disruptor Cannon, covered by another sheet of armour. It has a green glow emanating from its bottom, a common Aeon indication that it hovers.

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