Aeon icon sub1 antinavy Aeon T1 Attack Submarine: Sylph
UAS0203 build btn f  s  e
  Low-end attack submarine.
Build Costs Energy icon -3200
Mass icon -400
Time icon 1600
Max Health Health icon 550
Speed 6 (SurfacingSub)
Veterancy Aeon veteran icon Kills icon 4 ( Health icon +1/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 32
Water Vision: 32
Sonar: 60
Anti Navy - Torpedo
DPS 38
Torpedo  Damage
Salvo Size
Reload time
2 Torpedos (in 0.7 s)
4 seconds
Range 32

The Aeon T1 Attack Submarine, or the Sylph, is the Aeon T1 submarine unit.

The Sylph is a dedicated anti-ship vessel, and is equipped with Chrono Torpedos. Due to its simplistic design, the Sylph is not equipped with a deck gun and cannot engage units that are not on the water. Subsequently, there is no advantage to surfacing this vessel apart from speed.

The Sylph is at a disadvantage when attacking targets that can counter attack due to its large reload time, it is advisable therefore to attack ships only when submerged and submarines will often overwhelm it with greater ROF.

Against the other faction's subsEdit

The Sylph has more health than its Seraphim counterpart, and has the second highest HP of all the subs. However, it is technically the least flexible sub of the four. It has no turret, and its average health make it inferior in all ways to the UEF version. It is the only T1 sub that lacks a top gun. 


The Sylph