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Experimental Units
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Aeon Experimental Resource Generator: Paragon Aeon Experimental Resource Generator:  Paragon
Aeon Experimental Resource Generator: Paragon
Generates nearly limitless Energy and Mass. Toggles output to match production demands. If destroyed, resulting explosion is equivalent to the detonation of a strategic weapon.[ e ]
Build costsEnergy icon.png -7506000
Mass icon.png -250200
Time icon.png 125100
Max healthHealth icon.png 5000
Intel (radius) Vision: 15
Weapon: Death weapon
Inner damage 35000
Inner radius 25
Outer damage 35000
Outer radius 25

The Aeon T4 Quantum Resource Generator nicknamed Paragon is an Aeon experimental unit. It is a resource generator, capable of producing near infinite resources. Its resource output will scale with your resource output, producing the same amount of resources needed to fuel your war machine i.e. if your Mass output is 900 per second, the Paragon will generate 900 Mass per second, and your Mass Extractors will continue to function, adding surplus. It has drawbacks however, in that it takes an extremely long time to build (longer than the Mavor) and when destroyed, it explodes in the same fashion as a strategic nuke, dealing colossal damage to the nearest structures and units. A surprise attack targeting your Paragon could spell the end for such a base.

The Cybran Monkeylord's Heavy Microwave Laser is highly effective at assassinating the Paragon in this fashion, and can destroy the unit in approximately a single second, so place the Paragon at the center of a well-defended base to lessen the extreme danger of these assassination attempts. In an Aeon mirror match, CZARs are EXCEEDINGLY effective at assassinating Paragons; after it gets on top of one, the Paragon is dead regardless of what you do, as the CZAR's Air Crash does 15000 damage straight down, enough to destroy even the wreckage of the Paragon so rebuilding isn't so simple, and the Quantum Beam Generator can tear through shields given enough time and kill the Paragon in 1.5 seconds of direct fire.

At only 5000 HP (the lowest of any Experimental), it is vital that the Paragon be strongly defended. Its (effectively infinite) resource output, however, allows for very rapid construction of experimental units by completely eliminating the risks of Mass Stall and Energy Stall. This theoretically negates the need for any kind of defense whatsoever since an enemy attacked by numerous experimental units will likely be too busy trying to fight them off and then repairing the damage they did (assuming they even survive that attack that is), provided adequate engineering resources are available.

Although the unit is described as able to produce infinite resources, it is capped at 10,000 Mass and 1,000,000 Energy. Regardless, any player reaching this output will have sufficient engineering power to build a new Paragon in 25.02 seconds. As a matter of fact, it is usually recommended to start building a second paragon as soon as the first one is constructed (in a different location, of course), as the enemy is likely to invest heavily in destroying the first one. The second Paragon will build much faster, even with limited engineering capabilities, since with most game ending units build speed is usually limited by resources.

In multiplayer team games, it is not rare to see a player construct multiple Paragons, in the sole goal of donating them to team mates. One reason to build one of these is if you don't have enough space in your territory to build a massive economy.


The Paragon is the only experimental unit in the game that is not a weapon.