Aeon icon experimental generic Aeon Experimental Assault Bot: Galactic Colossus[e]
UAL0401 build btn
Sacred assault bot. Incinerates enemy units and structures with Phason laser. Also equipped with tractor beam. Pulls in and crushes mobile enemy units.
Build Costs Energy icon -281250
Mass icon -27500
Time icon 16875
Max Health Health icon 99999 (+10/sec)
Speed 2.5 (Amphibious)
Veterancy Aeon veteran icon Kills icon 50 ( Health icon +10/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 50
Water Vision: 50
Omni: 50
Direct Fire Experimental - Continuous Beam
DPS 2500
Damage radius
Range (min - max) 2 - 40
Experimental - Continuous Beam
Range (min - max) 2 - 40
Experimental - Continuous Beam
Range (min - max) 2 - 40
Damage radius

The Aeon Experimental Assault Bot: Galactic Colossus, formerly known as Sacred Assault Bot, and usually referred to as GC, is the Aeon's most powerful combat unit.

Like most experimental units, the Galactic Colossus is both massive and amphibious, crushing every lesser unit or structure by walking over them, and being able to walk on the ocean floor to reach its target. The Galactic Colossus embodies the Aeon's design philosophy in that it is extremely good at what it does, and disregards everything else. The Galactic Colossus can deal massive damage, and take a massive beating before going down. It has no anti-air weaponry, no torpedo or anti-torpedo weaponry, no shields nor stealth. It does, however, have a highly efficient Omni radar system.

Using a Galactic Colossus Edit

The Galactic Colossus is designed to be a self sufficient land assault unit. It is powerful enough to take any unit one on one and win (besides the Megalith and Ythotha), and resilient enough to breach all but the most defended bases. The Galactic Colossus main weapon is its Quantum phaser (or phason laser), dealing 2500 DPS to any single target, without AoE. It has two secondary Tractor Claws that instantly grab and destroy lesser units, allowing the colossus to focus on bigger targets with its Quantum phaser.

You can use the Galactic Colossus either as your main damage dealer, to soak up damage for your other units, like Harbingers, or as the unit that breaches base defenses to let other units through. Either way, the Galactic Colossus will do an excellent job for all those tasks.

Because the Quantum phaser has a DPS of only 2500 (The Cybran's Monkeylord's main laser beam's is 4000, while the Ythotha's weapons have a combined DPS of 3610), it takes the Galactic Colossus some time to destroy most heavy structures, and is usually better off smashing them. This is reinforced by the Colossus' high HP, allowing it to rampage for long periods before being destroyed.

The Galactic Colossus main strength is its high HP. At 99 999(240000 in Supreme Commander 1), it has the best HP/Mass ratio of any experimental unit (although the Megalith has more HP, it also costs much more mass). The best way to take advantage of this is usually an amphibious assault from a beach. This is effective because torpedo weaponry has too low DPS to do any real damage to the Galactic Colossus, and it'll also be protected from most bombers. Further more, when leaving water it'll usually already be in firing range, making breaching defenses much easier. Be careful that if you send the Galactic Colossus through water over a long distance with no defense, then torpedo bombers and submarines WILL eventually destroy it.

Last but not least, always try to send out Galactic Colossi in pairs. This will make sure that whatever your target is, you'll be almost guaranteed to destroy it. While destroying one Galactic Colossus in the field is no easy feat, a heavily defended base can accomplish it without too much difficulty. Destroying two is another story. Sending mobile shield generators with your Colossi will greatly improve their survivability.

Defending against a Galactic Colossus Edit

Taking down a Galactic Colossus is quite difficult, as they were designed for survivability, but it is still doable. There are several tried and tested methods:

  1. Air and Naval assaults are extremely useful: Not only does the Galactic Colossus lack all forms of AA and underwater defenses, they are one of the best ways to deal substantial damage to the Colossus, before it can reach your base/army.
  2. UEF forces can use a Fatboy to kite the Galactic Colossus, however the Galactic Colossus is faster than the Fatboy.
  3. Cybran forces can use Loyalist bots. When the Galactic Colossus uses its tractor claws to destroy a Loyalist, the bot's EMP disables the Galactic Colossus for several seconds. This has to be done in an all out attack, with support from Monkeylords, or you will only be slowing the Colossus down.
  4. Back stab the Colossus: Like most direct fire experimental units, the Colossus cannot fire backwards. Doing this is usually easier said than done. The best method for this having your own units outside of your base, and sandwich the Colossus between your base defenses and your units.
  5. If a similar amount of mass is invested in tech 2 artillery (approximately 9 installations), they can lay waste to a GC. note, this only works reliably if the GC is NOT moving - this poses something of a problem as a response to it, as they take a considerable time to build - meaning that the owner of the GC would have to have not scouted you to not know that they are there. This means that as a method to take it down, it is not an effective one.
  6. Another experimental, which can counter the Colossus due to its superior hitpoints and range, is the Cybran Megalith. One on one, this unit can kill the Colossus before the Colossus can inflict heavy damage on the Megalith. Plus, with the ability for the Megalith to be able to go in reverse whilst firing, by giving a move order immediately behind itself, the Megalith can extend the time it outranges the Colossus. However this solution is not cost effective as the Megalith costs approximately one and a half times the mass of a Colossus.
  7. Tightly pack defensive structures in, near, and around your base. For example, the UEF's T3 heavy point defence can deal substantial damage to a Colossus. Packing 15 to 30 of these around your base, particularly on the side which you expect the experimental to come from, will almost guarantee the Colossus will not survive long enough to do much damage.
  8. Layered Shielding. While this is a strategy best fit for defence against artillery, it can also help in a fight against a Colossus, or any combat based experimental. This strategy is best against players or AI's that stop their experimental right within weapons range of the first building their experimental encounters. Even if the experimental moves within your base, having more shields will create layers within your base, making destroying your buildings timely and difficult. If anything, this strategy buys your defenses and units time to destory the Colossus.
  9. Multiple Ythothas can also help destroying a Colossus as their weapons fire at a long range. Using 2 or 3 will be enough to eventually destroy the GC.Except when there is 4-7 GC moving towards your base you may want to use Ahwassas to stop them as their bombs deals 11000 damage.
  10. Squads of Armoured Assault Bots shine at taking damage from the Colossus's beam and dishing it out. Have at least 20 of them guarding your vital structures. 
  11. Spam built T1 Light Assault Bots in about 150 or more are a great idea because the Colossus's attacks are centered not on area of effect but targeted damage. The more targets that are attacking it, even if they are low tech units, are more than enough to take it down with about 1/2 of the forces remaining. 

Barring the above, not much can be done. A conventional force of ground units can be rapidly destroyed by the Galactic Colossus, but you will usually lose mass for mass. However, under no circumstances should you throw an army of low tech units at the colossus in the hopes of wearing it down. While the colossus requires twice as many kills for each level of veterancy as most other experimentals, the 10% HP bonus per level combined with the regeneration bonus can make an already tough unit almost indestructible.

Reminder Edit

Every time you lose a Galactic Colossus in a failed base attack you have given your opponent 22500 free mass. Also never send it alone if anti-ground units are patrolling the enemy base otherwise it will get shredded to pieces by T3 Heavy Gunships. Escort it with Ascendants and Restorers if the base becomes too much for it.


The Galactic Colossus is armed with a powerful 2500 DPS Phason Laser mounted in its head


The Galactic Colossus is a particularly formidable force, especially when compared to the size of the Aeon Armored Command Unit.

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