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Experimental Units
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Aircraft Carriers
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Aeon Experimental Aircraft Carrier: CZAR Aeon Experimental Aircraft Carrier:  CZAR
Aeon Experimental Aircraft Carrier: CZAR
Flying fortress. Armed with Quantum beam generator, AA systems and depth charges. Can store, transport and repair aircraft.[ e ]
Build costsEnergy icon.png -731250
Mass icon.png -45000
Time icon.png 33750
Build rate
Time icon.png180/s
Max healthHealth icon.png 48000 (+15/sec)
Speed8 (Air)
Veterancy Aeon veteran icon.png Kills icon.png 40 ( Health icon.png +10/s)
Intel (radius) Vision: 70
Radar: 200
Sonar: 150
Direct Fire Experimental - Continuous Beam
Damage per second 3333
Damage radius 4
Range 30
Weapon: Zealot AA Missile x 4
Anti Air - Projectile
Damage per second 240
Projectile damage 300
Reload time 1.3 seconds
Range 64
Anti Navy - Projectile
Damage per second 38
Projectile damage 150
Damage radius 1.5
Reload time 4 seconds
Range 50
Weapon: Fizz Launcher x 2
Anti Air - Projectile
Damage per second 960
Projectile damage 240
Damage radius 3
Salvo size 2 Projectiles
Rate of fire 2 salvos/s
Range 44
Weapon: Air Crash
Damage 15000
Damage radius 15

The Aeon Experimental Aircraft Carrier, nicknamed the CZAR, is an Aeon unit. This is an experimental unit, as well as carrier, air support unit and factory.

The CZAR is a massive flying carrier that is capable of constructing aircraft and storing, refueling, and repairing up to 150 individual units at once. The CZAR is armed with several weapons including four Zealot AA Missiles, two Harmonic Depth Charges, two Fizz Launchers, a well as its primary weapon, the Quantum Beam Generator. The CZAR is capable of inflicting heavy casualties on air fleets and destroying anything on the ground or on the surface that it can get near. Although the CZAR cannot be repaired, it slowly regenerates its HP.

The CZAR is the Aeon's most expensive experimental unit except for the Paragon. Since it can fly, it is capable of deploying quicker than the other Aeon experimentals. In fact it is the second fastest experimental in the game after the Seraphim Ahwassa. This unit is incredibly powerful against any other experimentals (except, again, the Ahwassa) and can reasonably be expected to destroy them when used in a defensive stance. Anything that gets directly beneath the CZAR, even a Megalith will survive only seconds before being destroyed. Even if the Czar is brought down, it possesses the most devastating air crash in the game, capable of destroying almost any non-experimental unit. If a CZAR attempting to assassinate an enemy ACU with its primary weapon fails to reach its target before being shot down, the resulting crash and explosion will deal 15,000 damage to the ACU, likely killing it anyway. It can also take out large defensive lines including the "You Shall Not Pass" line.

The CZAR is extremely useful, but possesses low HP for its cost and is vulnerable to a few specific types of weapons. Despite its considerable AA ability, large hordes of enemy ASFs can easily destroy a CZAR and it is particularly vulnerable to T3 anti-air emplacements. Consequently, most trips by a CZAR to an enemy base are one way only (and it can't land to be repaired by other units anyway). Fortunately for the CZAR, it has a very powerful Air Crash and is likely to inflict severe damage to anything beneath it when it is destroyed. Due to the average DPS of its Depth Charges, it is vulnerable to large fleets of cruisers when over water, but can inflict devastating damage on them with its Quantum Beam Generator if it can get above them; use your discretion as to whether it's worth the risk.

In Vanilla Supreme Commander it was possible to shoot down a CZAR in a very cheap and efficient way. As the CZAR only had 5000 HP then you could build a T2 tactical missile launcher and then shoot a missile in the direction of the CZAR when it was close. The impact of the missile would kill the CZAR, because a tactical missile does 6000 damage. Also, the fuel limit was removed in Forged Alliance because although it has a lot of fuel it is impossible to refuel the CZAR.

However, due to its average hit points, a number of SAM Launchers should be able to bring it down in a short time. Note however, that this may result in half of your base being destroyed by the wreckage of the Czar.

The CZAR can build all Aeon T1, T2, and T3 air units aside from Transports and the Guided Missile. It must be stationary to perform this function.

The Czar obliterates all beneath it

Also note that the wreckage of a downed Czar can be mined for a very large amount of Mass; be careful to keep it from going down over an enemy base or they will be able to recoup whatever losses the Czar caused while it was functional. Although, on the flip side, the air crash may be sufficient to finish the job off, as it just about instantly disintegrates everything it lands on. This is EXTREMELY effective for assassination of Paragons, in other words, for a guaranteed strategic nuke inside your enemy's base even though they have lots of SMDs. Be warned though that you may require a pair or trio of CZARs to soak up fire until you near the target, at which point you order all of them to attack the Paragon at once and hover over it. If they get shot down, well, they get shot down, and kill the Paragon, if they don't, they kill it anyways.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Although the CZAR is extremely effective as a suicide unit, with its decent speed and powerful Air Crash damage capable of annihilating resource farms and assassinating ACUs, it is equally powerful when used defensively. Any land experimentals will be annihilated by the Quantum Beam since none of them are fast enough to outrun it nor have enough AA power to bring it down. As well, any naval experimental will be forced to submerge upon the arrival of the CZAR or risk destruction. The CZAR is also excellent against Soul Rippers, due to its powerful AA.
  • Although the CZAR's AA missiles do decent damage, its main AA power comes from the Fizz Launchers, which do incredible damage and have AOE. They're usually too slow to be useful against ASFs. However the incredible power against clusters of bombers and gunships keep the weapon effective. Sadly, the CZAR only has two of these weapons. As well, the CZAR's center rotates slowly in its center, so the fizz launchers can't fire at the same target for long. To counter this, always move the CZAR around so that the fizz launchers have more time to fire. This is particularly important when combating Soul Rippers, as the fizz launchers will determine whether you'll win or lose, as Soul Rippers do have decent AA and a CZAR's HP is particularly weak compared to them.
  • An annoying glitch plagues the FA version of the CZAR. What happens is that it stops firing every time you issue an attack command to another target, even if the new target is directly next to the previous. To avoid this, always issue the move command instead of attack, as the CZAR automatically activates the beam when an enemy is nearby.
  • A good way to increase success rate when trying to get a CZAR into a heavily defended base is to produce as many air units as possible, then release them outside of the base and send everything in. SAMs will be too inefficient and busy when facing massive amounts of units and T2 FLAKs can't do enough damage to down a CZAR before it reach the base. Of course, a smart player will manually control the SAMs so they target the CZAR.
  • A CZAR can be used as an over sized ASF, as its AA DPS totals at 2880. However, the immense cost of a CZAR makes this idea much less effective.
  • CZAR can also be useful as flying escort for other experimental while crossing the sea, especially Aeon Tempest, which possess no AA weaponry on their own. In turn, the Tempest can focus building sizable naval force to counter any AA-capable units along the way.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The CZAR, unlike many other air units, can actually be hit by the Mavor's shells or Salvation's submunitions if the artillery is aimed carefully at adjacent terrain. If the CZAR is stationary you can hit it with a strategic missile, or if need be, launch the missile to another target THROUGH the hole in center of the CZAR, which is rather humorous (just a side note the CZAR will still be destroyed).

While not listed as one of its attributes, the CZAR is one of the few units in the game (the others being command units) that is not capturable, as it is always in the air. Also the CZAR is one of only two air units in the game to have flak cannons, the other being Seraphim Ahwassa.

The CZAR is most likely based on the Independence Day movie's floating UFO/Spaceship carriers. Both the game and the movie ship are able to store a full complement of aircraft, devastate all inferior approaching aircraft, and fire a 'death laser' out of a hole in the ship's middle. The only difference is look, faction, and the fact that the movie ship was shielded and the CZAR is not. The CZAR clearly shows the extent of seraphim technology adapted and imitated by the Aeon, as it is basically an adaptation of the Seraphim Experimental Bomber , as it uses high grade energy weaponry, is an experimental air unit, and has a big hole in the middle. However, the CZAR has a more constant damage output and an easier to aim air crash, as well as the ability to construct aircraft, unlike its seraphim cousin.

The CZAR is known for a bug that can occur when an AI player issues and attack command the beam may never cease emitting allowing easy tracking of the CZAR.

A CZAR attacking a Fatboy with its Quantum Beam Generator.

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